Yves Bernas Productions


Stan Laurier

Short Film

HD, color, 15 min, 2020
Language: German
Subtitles: French and English
Directing: Yves Bernas
Production: Yves Bernas
Screenplay: Yves Bernas
Adapted from the short story from Yves Bernas: “Le Visiteur”


Giovanni Arvaneh: : First Constable
Uwe Fischer: : Stan
Aaron Gottlieb : Young Stan
Andreas Grötzinger: : Stan’s father
Yves Bernas : Second Constable

Camera: Nuno Martini
Music Katya Sourikova


Stan Laurier, a retired judge is reminded
through a dream of a trauma of his childhood:
He so much wanted to be a puppetier!
This triggers in him strange reactions.

A short film about repressing one’s vocation.

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