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Post by Yves Bernas 21.02.2016 21:34


Just set up a giveaway for Dr Tenace:
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Post by Yves Bernas 18.02.2016 23:40

Pen name or real name?

I always thought: why hide yourself? Be authentic is the best way, use your real name. Am I now having second thoughts?
When you use your real name, you run the risk of being suspected of being egomaniac, narcisstic, by the people you know (and perhaps by your own self) and that can be a real nuisance. If you're like me, you are basically interested in people focusing on your books, not on you. This is where a pen name is good because it puts in a distance between your books and your ego.
But this does not work so well because you can hardly promote your books without promoting yourself. Partly because there is a direct link, but most of all because most readers want an author, they want a brand, not just a good book!
So what is the solution? One is certainly to write more books and thereby become a brand, a good one or a bad one and whether your name is real or pen will make no difference.

Post by Yves Bernas 18.02.2016 22:27

Experience with Amazon Marketing Services AMS

I am not saying AMS does not work. It is just expensive: With a Click To buy Ratio (or Closing Rate: average number of clicks on your book necessary for one sale) of 1% (and you are lucky there) and a bid at 5 cents, you loose money, because the 100 clicks you need for that one sale will cost you 5 $, which is far above the average royalty of a book and even further above the one of an e-book.
And yet with 5 cents a bid, it will take ages to get enough impressions to yield 100 clicks: On one of my ads (at 5c a bid), I get 250 impressions a day! To get 100 clicks, you need 20 0000 impressions at a 0.5% CTR (Click Trough Rate, and that is a good rate). So to sell one book with such an ad, you need to wait 20 000/250= 80 days! How old do you ?
If you want to see impressions happening, you should set bids at 50 cents, but you will loose much more money there.
Your only hope is to see it as an investment on the middle to long term. You pay for advertisement, people buy your book, it gets known and someday it sells on its own and you can stop the advertisement, but that can be financially very risky. Have you got the cash and do you want to spend it on this?

Post by Yves Bernas 17.02.2016 19:07

Hello World!

It is a pain in the arse to advertise and promote yourself. I hate it. But if you don't do it, you won't be read and if you think your work deserves to be read, you can't just leave it in the drawer.