Yves Bernas Author page

Yves Bernas was born in France. His mother was English and his father French. He studied Engineering in Zürich and lives in Berlin. After a few short films, he decided to write. The best films according to him, being the ones you create in your head when you read (the real reason -it seems- is that he believes there is a much higher chance of finishing the writing of a book than of ever starting the shooting of a movie). This explains why his stories and his novel are highly visual and practically all "film-ready", without leaving the realm of what is called literary fiction.

His first book is a collection of short stories: Vitax® et autres histoires (in French), stories in the line of Edgar Poe and Oscar Wilde treated in the style of David Cronenberg. The last item of the book: "Schmarotzer" is actually a play and it has been filmed. You can watch it here: Schmarotzer.mp4

His last book is a novel: Dr Tenace (in English), a story about a doctor discovering the nature of consciousness and the key to (digital) soul transfer and mind time travel, about a man struggling with the fear of his own ambition and discovery.

He is working on his third book: a dystopian novel: "Better Days" / "Jours Meilleurs" about an ultra-liberal society where it is not always safe to be old.

His books are available on any Amazon site.You can contact him at: yves.bernas@gmail.com.

Yves Bernas