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Why are we alone here?
Because the gate is closed.
Why are there no walls on each side of it?
Because they crumbled down.
Why is there a queue at the gate?
Because of the gatekeeper.
Why don't they walk around the gate?
Because they want the gatekeeper to let them in.
Those inside, why dont they walk to the castle?
Because they d'rather dream about it.


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David Foster, Vitax® and the Rat are now published in an e-book on Amazon
Recueil en préparation: "Éternité et autres nouvelles":
La Rate (Fr)
Voilà!Voilà!(Fr) not yet uploaded

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Dr Tenace

From March the 22nd, 2016 onwards, Dr Tenace might be available here on this site (not sure yet, might need another KDP session, i.e 3 months for advertising).
Also available anytime as Paperback or Kindle on any Amazon site.

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Jours Meilleurs(En cours d'écriture)

Jours Meilleurs(Fr)


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